Inside Out Karaoke

Hyper sensitive  Print Screen festival Tribeca hack 2015 Multidisciplinary art hackathon. Our group created a karaoke read out that forces the participant to engage in an argument with a partner […]

The Normalizing Machine

The Normalizing Machine is an interactive installation presented as an experimental research in machine-learning. It aims to identify and analyze the image of social normalcy. Each participant is asked to […]

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick is a special kind of plant that feeds itself from taking selfie photos of the people that pass by it. Long-arm phone holders emerge from a giant pot. At […]

Critical Mass

Interactive projection mapping (50m X 25m) on Tel Aviv national theater “Abima” .This work is a tribute to the social uprising (99% – 1%) at Tel Aviv (2011) five Years […]

The Dancing Traffic Light

A cheap remake of the original dancing traffic light. This time in Tel Aviv, Israel. A traffic light that displays a real dancing silhouette as its red man figure. just […]

Blow the Menorah

menorah that uses flickering leds as candles. There are four wind detectors attached to it. When blowing on the candles they dim. The menorah has an internal clock so it […]

Electro Liquid Light

Liquid light show was a common VJ tool in the sixties using overhead projector. By mixing colors on top of a projector the artist could create psychedelic colors animation. This […]

Memory Leak

Twitter live data stream visualisation. In computer science, a memory leak occurs when a computer program incorrectly manages memory allocations. A memory leak can diminish the performance of the computer […]

Light at the end of the tunnel

Moving light ball inside a tunnel as the viewer get closer the light ball, the ball get bigger and psychedelic color appear on the wall. Sound is transforming from cave […]

Om Machine

Om Machine

Om is not a word but rather an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture and even species. A Buddha avatar invites the viewer to articulate his […]

Sun Dance

Interactive dance. using a kinect sensor the dancer effects the background animation. live performance at the Zimmer, TLV. Dancer: Kazuyo Shionoiri. Music: Tiny fingers.

Popcorn Song

The popcorn song played by real popcorn using audio pick detection. The pops of he popcorn generate the next note of the popcorn song. Performed at the Zimmer, Tel aviv.

Socio Path

Projection. Depth camera (Kinect) films the passersby. When two entities approach one another, interaction happens. Projected colored spots represent real people, while there are additional spots moving randomly in space. […]

Electro Fish

A fish generated music with the aid of a computer. The fish is tracked by a camera. It’s location is transformed into synthesised theremin sound.

Lighten Your Heart

Performance/ interactive installation of hearts, lightning and sound created by the kinect sensor. Using the fact that the kinect loses users when they are out of range but still store them in […]

The First Hebrew Clock

A clock that uses the Hebrew letters to show the time. It was made as a reaction to the termination of the Day Light Saving time in Israel two month earlier to the rest of […]